Oil Spill Management and Clean Up.

Absorbents: Rolls, Sheets, Pads, Booms, Particulates, Schmers, Sanctions pipes etc.

Construction Services
Civil, Structural and Road Construction, Metal Fabrication, Mechanical, Electrical and Building Construction

Pipeline/Production Services
Pipeline and Production Facility Operation and maintenance e.g. non-destructive testing, cathodic protection, pipe pigging and inspection services

Equipment Supply Services
Procurement, Supply, Installation and maintenance of specialised oil field equipment and devices of two type including Data Storage Systems and Communications Equipment.

Consultancy Services
Engineering, Management, Environmental, Exploration, Architectural, Drilling and Technical Consultancy, Petroleum Operations Data Analysis and Interpretation, Computer applications, Legal, insurance matters, Training/Manpower development, Community Relations Nigeria Manpower Supply.

Marine or Special Transportation Services
Rig move and deployment logistics, Marine vessels Supply and Operation and Offshore Operation support including Air Transportation and Road Haulage.

Hotel Management Services
Hospitality and Accommodation



  • A full cycle E&P business

  • Balanced exposure across production, development, appraisal and exploration

  • Proven technical track record – operator at all production and development assets

  • A sustainable model - internally generated cashflows funding high impact growth opportunities

  • Acquisition of pipeline set to deliver additional low cost barrels



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